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Do you know why your phone needs updating? Do you know how a ‘VPN’ could help keep your personal data safe? And how much do you think it costs to buy access to a webcam?

Take the quiz now and you’ll soon find out whether you’re right.

First up, what’s your first name?

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In cyber security, what exactly is a ‘drive-by’ attack?

Let’s say a drive-by attack infected your device with a Trojan.
What could the Trojan go on to do?

Phishing refers to the practise of criminals sending unsuspecting users malicious emails. What does that make smishing?

And why has smishing become so dangerous in recent years?

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Now let’s get back to some nuts and bolts...

OK, what does VPN stand for?

And when might you use one?

OK. So what’s a man-in-the-middle attack?

And why is your phone always asking you to install updates?

Nearly done!

Are you ready for some really scary stuff??

In 2017, the pizza chain Domino’s suffered a data breach.

How did Dominoes claim data was accessed?

In 2013, the BBC reported it was possible to buy access to personal webcams online.

How much did they report access to a woman’s webcam cost?

Following the WannaCry virus, Department of Health officials tested the cyber security of 200 NHS trusts. What percentage of trusts passed the tests?

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